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Symptom Checker

We’re working to help individuals make more informed decisions about where to get the healthcare they need for their symptoms.

Now it’s easy with our artificial intelligence (AI) powered chatbot called Buoy Assistant, brought to you by Buoy Health, a digital health company that empowers people to make better healthcare decisions.

Using Buoy Assistant, you’ll get a personalized and more accurate view of your symptoms and then recommendations on the most appropriate location for care, such as an urgent care center, a convenient care clinic or a primary care provider.

Best of all, it’s free for anyone to use 24/7.


Buoy’s AI-solution is based on algorithms that analyze thousands of real-world data-points, in order to resemble the dynamic and nuanced experience of chatting with a doctor.  A user enters symptoms and answers questions to help Buoy get a holistic view of the case and calculates which illnesses are more likely. Buoy then shares its reasoning with the user and offers up personalized care.

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*If you have insurance, please verify which providers are in network. When you choose a network provider, you’ll likely pay less for care. Some out-of-network deductibles may be twice as high as in-network deductibles, so it’s important that you choose an in-network doctor whenever possible.